Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sunny Sunday on the Southbank

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” 
― Charles M. Schulz

My family were in London for the weekend and enjoying the last of the sun, we decided to have brunch on the sunny Southbank to discuss theatre, diets and dogs over eggs and avocado.
Now, you already know that I'm a giant dog fan (not just a fan of giant dogs) and can't resist smiling at pooches as I walk past, however living in a flat in London and working more than 40 hours a week doesnt exactly lend itself to having my own right now. 

So the next best thing is hugging my sister's cockapoo, as often as possible.  Worn out from her first train journey, she snuggled up on my lap and slept while we ate and talked.
She's only 4 months old and is growing into the cutest teddy bear looking thing I've ever seen.   You can tell by my big smile below that I was having a lovely old time!

We got endless stares, comments and strokes as we strolled along the river and she lapped up the attention.  We made a tour of the food market behind the Royal Festival Hall stopping to ogle the giant cookies and salted caramel brownies, which I managed to resist.


We found these really cute mini bottles of champers while we talked to a stall owning dog lover, perfect for a Christmas gift (yes I said Christmas already!)
Forget boys and clothes, my two other loves aside from dogs are books and carousel horses, so you can imagine my delight posing for both of these photos
If your first love IS clothes then I'm wearing a Zara knit cardi, kept me nice and cosy when the sun went into hiding.

The Wonderground is a little haven from the hustle and bustle (even though it's busy). The fairy lights and music give it a really nice vibe

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Kinky Boots

“I want to write a book about shoes that’s full of footnotes.” 
― Jarod Kintz, I Want

I went to a swanky Opening Night viewing of Kinky Boots, the new West End musical this week. So took the opportunity to wear my own 'kinky boots' which have been in my wardrobe gathering dust for several years. They are from the brand Buffalo, which I'm not sure even exists any more, but was the height of style during my college years.  This was the perfect chance to give them a chance to shine again.

The party was in Central London and attended by some famous faces (my personal spot was Jade from Little Mix).  There was a copious amount of champagne, themed cocktails and we ate fancy pizza, chocolate lipsticks and sea bass pasta - a rather random mix.  There were plenty of eccentric shoes too, so I fitted right in.

My fringe spent the whole night trying to escape from my face, so glad I grabbed this picture before I walked the red carpet.  (see my super enthusiastic fans below - think they might have been waiting for someone else?!)


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Countdown to Vegas

“The view from the window, particularly if you enjoy neon, is extraordinary.” 
― Chris BachelderBear V. Shark

So yes, you guessed right - I'm heading back to Vegas before the end of the year.  This time I'm 'dragging' three friends who've never been before and I cannot wait to show them my fave city (after London obvs).  It'll be just over 18 months since I last visited so the perfect opportunity for a refresher and a good old catch up with my bestie who lives there.

There are 3 months to go until my trip and I'm already counting down the days.. not sure I'll be sugar free that week...
We're staying at a central Strip hotel that I've not stayed at before and because we're going on a quiet weekend we got an amazing deal meaning we could do direct flights, with cocktail money left over.

I've been lucky enough to go on several holidays this year, mostly blogged here and here but Vegas will most likely be the highlight (although Venice really was amazing...).  It's great to let your hair down, have a boogie, and a cheesecake slice or too.  I want recommendations for night clubs, so if you have any please let me know!

It won't be hot enough to lie by the pool, but should be a good temperature for heading up and down the Strip sight seeing.  The skyline changes each time I visit and I genuinely can't get enough!

I've even convinced two other friends to book trips this year, one is luckily going the same week as me so will be a double fun occasion. I'm super excited to show them around and make some new memories.  We've booked to see Celine Dion in concert at Caesar's Palace, which I can't wait for.  If it's anything like the Elton gig I saw last year, we'll have a great night.

Am debating a trip to the Grand Canyon and despite my return visits to LV I've still not been. Are there any other attractions you think I might have missed?I'm looking forward to a cocktail at the Parasol Up bar at the Wynn and a grilled cheese sandwich at the Grand Luxe in the Venetian.
I'm also keen to see a Cirque du Soleil show - any top tips? 'Love' has been my favourite so far.  It was literally breath-taking, I was totally amazed.


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Another healthy eating post....

“Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.” ― Jim Davis

I appreciate that my posts are more cupcakes than courgette normally, but as I've been focusing on eating better and a wider range of food I've been looking online for inspiration and thought I'd share a few things here in case you, too, are sick of baked dry chicken breast!

Today's trawl netted a couple of recipes I'm definitely going to try 

Firstly a chicken recipe that sounds juicy; http://www.yummly.co.uk/recipe/external/Melt-in-Your-Mouth-Chicken-1066441

A good way to make courgette a little more interesting; http://www.skinnytaste.com/2012/07/zucchini-tots.html

As a pizza-holic this sounds right up my street; http://gimmedelicious.com/2014/03/30/magimix-food-processor-review-the-best-low-carb-cauliflower-pizza-crust-recipe/

I'm feeling positive though, despite eating rather over lemony cod fillet and under cooked carrots for dinner.  I did 2 excellent workouts this weekend, (the Bodycoach is my HIIT inspo) and ate well.  
Knowing I'm filling my belly with healthy nutrients is actually satisfying even if the meals aren't quite so...  I'm treating myself to new things (like this handbag) rather than food treats. Reading and nail painting distract myself from treat time too along with loads of romcoms!

We can do it guys!


Sunday, 23 August 2015

London Wedding Love

“I have to wonder at what point the people fighting to protect marriage will realize that traditional couples haven’t exactly been doing too good a job of it so far.” 
― Dan PearceSingle Dad Laughing

I was lucky enough to be invited to a wedding last weekend, celebrating the marriage of two friends who have been together eight years. It was my first non-straight wedding and I was very excited to show off my new dress.. and celebrate of course!
The ceremony was at the St Pauls Actor's Church in Covent Garden, which suited these 2 down to the ground being a very showbiz couple.

The ceremony was gorgeous, and after a trip on the specially laid on route master, we arrived at the Happenstance Bar to party.  Dress pictured below (from SugargHill Boutique)- sadly my sassy Kurt Geiger shoes not pictured. This is what happens when drunk friends are in charge of the pics ;)

Sipping on a (few) glass(es) of prosecco we waited for dinner to be served, before scoffing on a fabulous Sunday roast.
After dinner, and several speeches later, the party was finally started and the Photo Booth proved very popular!  I had a little groove to the fabulous Sapphire Soul (seriously check them out) and then jumped in an Uber before I turned into a pumpkin.

A gorgeous day to celebrate a gorgeous couple


Thursday, 20 August 2015

August vibes

“Why is summer mist romantic and autumn mist just sad?” 
― Dodie SmithI Capture the Castle

August has proved itself the most dramatic month of my year so far - and it's not even finished.

Being an absolute carb-o-holic you might find it surprising to know I've gone cold turkey on sugar and bread/pasta & potatoes.  Its not a forever plan, but hopefully a way to kick the habit of over indulging, whilst improving my waistline.  I've been chowing down on lots of chicken and veg and have added several new items to my 'will eat' list (which was painfully small). 
I have been finding some Instagram accounts very useful to spur me on to craving salads and avocado instead of my usual milky ways or bowls of pasta.  https://instagram.com/explore/tags/healthyeating/
So that's good progress and I'll see how I do for the next few weeks.

Whilst undertaking that challenge, I've had a couple of very stressful weeks which have seen me reaching for imaginary sugar.  There's a new project in the offing, something I've been hoping for for a long time and finally seems to be happening.  It has meant a few uncomfortable conversations and some tears (thankfully not mine) but I feel like I can finally see the finish line, which is a positive thought.

Speaking of positive thoughts I watched Hector and the Search for Happiness the other day, whilst browsing Netflix for something to stick on.  I ended up utterly engrossed and although the film was obviously blown out of realistic proportions - it did make me question what it is exactly that makes us happy.  
Whilst money and career, love and health are all important, what actually causes happiness ? Why are we, as first world citizens, often unhappier than people who live with nothing but have a better attitude to life? Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the matter below!

I have decided, egged on by my sunny natured sister actually, to write down my positive thoughts every day in an attempt to be become less cynical and 'Londonised' as she likes to put it.  So in a notebook I am scribbling down something positive every day to remind myself that life is good and my mutterings and moanings are ridiculous.

The rest of the month will pass in a blur I'm sure, and Autumn will be upon us before we know it.  
Until then,


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Catch Up

May has been a full on whirlwind full of work events, holidays, 3 concerts and even a wedding, so I thought I'd show you a few snapshots to bring you up to speed.
Firstly I embraced my 16year old self and headed over to the O2 to see SClub7 in concert - they were great and we had such a fun night dancing along to all the old hits. 

I've become a bigger fan of Bills in recent weeks - I've discovered a local one in an outdoor courtyard where sitting with a Pimms watching the world go bye is quite the treat.  They also serve my new favourite thing; crispy crumbed halloumi... yes please!

Really enjoying the new David Nicholls book 'Us', a journey through Europe with a rather unhappy couple, it's an easy read - perfect for your holiday.
Ive just finished reading 'The truth about the Harry Quebert Affair' which I thought was great - twists and turns all over the place, and a love story as well, definitely worth adding to your Kindle wish list.  Speaking of which, I'm debating heading over to the dark side and buying one - anyone got any thoughts or tips? I think they're just so useful for travelling when you only have a hand luggage bag to fit in all your shoes.....

I managed to squeeze in a catch up with my god daughter, who looks like butter wouldn't melt here, but don't be fooled.... we managed to stave off a few tantrums with a playground visit, I love seeing her but there's nothing like the relief of waving goodbye!