Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Something to look forward to

“Always, Always have a plan”
― Rick Riordan 

With Autumn fast approaching I realised that all my fun Summer plans were over and other than the Xmas hols I didnt really have much to look forward to. I have spent every night this week at home, sober, eating clean, sleeping well and making plans.  I love having things coming up to focus on and look towards, so I'm feeling much more positive now I have some adventures up my sleeve.

If you're in need of a pick me up perhaps some of my plans will inspire you, let me know!

Arranged a Sunday roast with three old college friends I haven't seen in a year. Chicken and gossip? Winning!

Booked tickets for Somerset House ice skating, my annual jaunt. My bestie and I go every year and we've got in quick so it doesn't get booked up.

Decided to surprise a friend by visiting them.  I can't go into details in case they read this!! Yes, it costs £50 on the train and I'm going to be rushing around to make it work, but hopefully the smile on their face will be worth it.

Facetimed my bestie for a catch up and planned our next night out. We try to catch up every Sunday as we both live alone and it stops us getting those Sun eve lonely blues.

Went crazy and spent all my money on a flight to Vegas for NYE to visit my best friend. Now this one obviously isn't a casual, or cheap option but as my office is closed and I'm off work anyway, I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. 4 mad days to bring in the New Year sounds like an excellent plan to me.

Saw Bridget Jones, by myself, spontaneously. I never do anything without planning ahead so this was new for me and I"m glad I did it. Film is good, worth seeing and with a nice happy ending.
 What plans are you making for the season ahead?

Sunday, 18 September 2016

A weekend in Sitges

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” 
– Ibn Battuta

I spent last week in Sitges, near Barcelona. An easy 40 mins from the airport on a double decker train.  It was a friends birthday so we rented a gorgeous villa (I felt like I was a celeb) and set about some celebrating.

The weather was glorious, we had a cracking thunderstorm one evening too which was epic to watch, if not a bit scary!

The beaches are pretty and clean, the sun was shining and the alcohol plentiful.  We were a mixed group of 14 so there were plenty of people to chat to and lots of fun to be had.  It was International Bear Week which is many a gay man's's probably not the idea week for a single girl to head to Sitges... but I went along with the flow as much as I could.  Miming along to show tunes at El Piano was my favourite, when I finally won a space in front of the wind machine.

The town is quite pretty, although I confess we didn't do much exploring as it was too hot for me.  I had a good look around in the evenings though.

We found an amazing roof top bar, Vivero, with a lovely restaurant underneath where we had a pre-dinner cocktail most nights. 

Felica the flamingo is my new favourite thing and it was nice not to feel too self concious in my cossie too.

Fairly sure you've never been to Bear Week, but if I'm wrong let me know how you survived it!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Swingers Crazy Golf

“Winning isn't everything--but wanting to win is.”
― Vince Lombardi Jr. 

I insist you get yourselves down to Swingers Crazy Golf asap, it is such a fun night out and I genuinely had a whale of a time. As you know I'm partial to a neon sign, so when I saw this entrance I knew I was in for a good time.

 I hadnt realised that the 'street food' advertised was actually stands from some great London restaurants, including my favourite Pizza Pilgrim.  It was just too hard to resist, so I ended up digging in (lets not talk about the cheesy chips I might have taste tested too....)  A simple margarita remains my fave choice, but only once in a while.

Then after we'd eaten and drunk it was time to... golf!  The pics are super dark due to my IPhone but you can get the jist!  You have 6 shots per hole, per person - but you shouldn't realllllly need them.. well unless you're me!  I could happily have played for an hour but I reckon the 9 holes only took us about 30 mins (there were 3 in our gang).  When I go back I think I'd book for 2 courses (at least!)

Here are a couple of the promo pics so you can get a better view - the bar was something out of a 1920s train station, gorgeous - turquoise and wood... so I was tempted to a XXX martini to drown my losing sorrows.

I'm already planning my return trip - if only for a photo opp on that buggy!

Let me know if you go


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Afternoon tea at The Covent Garden Hotel

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
― C.S. Lewis

For a recent celebration I went for Afternoon Tea at The Covent Garden Hotel.  I was looking for somewhere classy but not too formal, not ridiculously expensive and also offering a lunch menu for a fussy pal.  We looked at various options but Firmdale Hotels were the winner- and they even offer a gluten free or sugar free option which is amazing (I went full of sugar on this occasion but good to know the choice is there).

We had a nice table near the bar and were offered unlimited sandwiches which will always win me over!
There's something so appealing about a whole tower of food isn't there, the bread was fresh, the scones were light, fluffy and delicious and although there's never enough chocolate on the sweet plate for my liking there was a great selection of dessert options.  My favourite was the white chocolate pannacota.


We assumed these flowers were edible but they didn't taste very good! More fool us for giving it a go.

If this has got you salivating then rest assured it's only £27pp + service charge

Let me know if you go..Book ahead.


Sunday, 21 August 2016

Food pics are my favourite

“But you're so strong. I wish I were strong. I just like eating.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin

Since I discovered this whole new world of eating I've become obsessed with cataloguing my own improvements. So in case you need some inspo for that Wednesday night dinner or another desk lunch I've collected my favourite selections together for you to have a drool over... Well aware I've become such an insta-cliche.

 Banana pancakes with sugar free choc sauce - pefect start for a weekend
 Avocado toast from EAT on the go, or chocolate oats at home

 Salads from Whole Foods, Pret a manger or home made
Olives are my new fave thing to eat - so flavoursome!  This Cobb salad from Byron is a clean choice for eating out (just get the sauce on the side)

 Soy bean 'pasta', courgetti, courgette 'fries' chicken and my favourite Heck sausages. Linda Mccartney does the best veggie sausages as far as I'm concerned. I eat them allll the time.

That's exhausted this month's collection of yumminess, what's your most - eaten healthy dish?