Sunday, 21 August 2016

Food pics are my favourite

“But you're so strong. I wish I were strong. I just like eating.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin

Since I discovered this whole new world of eating I've become obsessed with cataloguing my own improvements. So in case you need some inspo for that Wednesday night dinner or another desk lunch I've collected my favourite selections together for you to have a drool over... Well aware I've become such an insta-cliche.

 Banana pancakes with sugar free choc sauce - pefect start for a weekend
 Avocado toast from EAT on the go, or chocolate oats at home

 Salads from Whole Foods, Pret a manger or home made
Olives are my new fave thing to eat - so flavoursome!  This Cobb salad from Byron is a clean choice for eating out (just get the sauce on the side)

 Soy bean 'pasta', courgetti, courgette 'fries' chicken and my favourite Heck sausages. Linda Mccartney does the best veggie sausages as far as I'm concerned. I eat them allll the time.

That's exhausted this month's collection of yumminess, what's your most - eaten healthy dish? 


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